MAD BMW G Body / Toyota A90 Supra B58 Gen 2 Charge Pipe

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Expected release date is Sep 9th 2024

MAD BMW G Body / Toyota A90 Supra B58 Gen 2 Charge Pipe

Upgrade your vehicle's performance and reliability with the MAD G Body B58 (Gen 2) Charge Pipe Kit, also compatible with the A90 Supra. This kit is designed to replace the stock plastic charge pipe, which is prone to cracking and breaking under increased boost pressures and prolonged use.

This high-performance charge pipe is designed to replace your OEM part, offering increased flow and a caliber increase for optimized performance. Made with consistent diameter tubing, this charge pipe ensures better throttle response and reduced throttle lag. The CNC machined throttle housing guarantees a proper seal.

This charge pipe comes with high-quality 3-ply silicone couplers, stainless clamps, O ring and features a raised boss for two water/methanol nozzles, making it a perfect choice for enthusiasts looking to add water injection. The Black coating provides a sleek, OEM look, and with the MAD B58 Charge Pipe, you can say goodbye to the risk of blowouts.

Upgrade to the MAD G Body B58 (Gen 2) Charge Pipe Kit today for enhanced performance and peace of mind.

  • Increased Flow
  • Enhanced Throttle Response and Reduced Throttle Lag
  • Direct OEM Replacement
  • Black for OEM Look
  • CNC Machined Throttle Housing for a Proper Seal
  • Pipe diameter increase
  • Everything included for install
  • Water injection bung
  • Say goodbye to charge pipe failures

NOTE: Before ordering, it's crucial to verify that you have a Gen 2 B58 motor. You can confirm this by checking the flange on your existing charge pipe. The Gen 2 B58 motor features a 2-bolt flange, whereas the older Gen 1 B58 motor uses a 3-bolt flange. Ensuring you have the correct model will guarantee a perfect fit and seamless installation.


  • Toyota GR Supra A90   2019+
  • Z4 G29                       2019+
  • 2 G42                         2022+
  • 3' G20                         2019+
  • 4' G22                         2020+
  • 7' G11 LCI                  2016 — 2022
  • 7' G12 LCI                  2016 — 2022
  • X5 G05                      2019+
  • X6 G06                        2020+
  • X7 G07                      2019+