MAD BMW M2 M3 M4 G87 G80 G82 G83 Heat Exchanger

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Expected release date is Jul 4th 2024

Introducing the MAD High-Performance G8X M3/M4 Heat Exchanger – a genuine plug-and-play solution meticulously designed for track enthusiasts and high-horsepower applications. Crafted with a full aluminum construction, this heat exchanger goes beyond the ordinary by significantly lowering Intake Air Temperatures (IAT) and effectively reducing engine oil and coolant temperatures.

Designed for both manual and automatic transmission cars. For manaual transmission vehicles this product comes complete with upper and lower rock guards, providing comprehensive protection, especially for vehicles equipped with popular aftermarket "open face" race-style grilles. This ensures that your investment is safeguarded against potential debris and hazards encountered on the track.

For automatic vehicles, the MAD High-Performance G8X M3/M4 Heat Exchanger utilizes the upper protection guard and included lower transmission cooler brackets, making it a versatile solution for various transmission types. Whether you're pushing the limits on the track or seeking optimal performance in high-horsepower setups, our heat exchanger delivers unparalleled cooling efficiency, allowing your engine to perform at its peak.



  • Plug and play instalation 
  • Increased core and tank size to enhance heat absorption.
  • Optimized for airflow, benefiting the radiator positioned behind the heat exchanger.
  • Upper and Lower Rock Guards included for Manual Cars comprehensive protection, particularly with popular aftermarket “open face” race-style grilles.
  • Upper Grills and Transmission cooler Includes Brackets included for ZF8 Automatic Transmissions
  • Significantly reduce IATs for enhanced performance.
  • Improve airflow for lower engine coolant and oil temperatures.
  • Offer a durable, all-aluminum construction with a sleek hand polish finish.
  • Provide easy, no-modification installation with a lifetime warranty.

Applications: 2021+ BMW G80 M3 (incl. Competition) – 6MT & ZF8 Auto 2021+ BMW G82/G83 M4 (incl. Competition) – 6MT & ZF8 Auto