MAD BMW M3 M4 S58 G80 G82 Resonated Single Midpipe Titanium

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OUT OF STOCK Aug 8th 2024

Enhance your BMW M3/M4 S58 G80/G82 with the MAD Resonated Single Midpipe Titanium, designed to deliver superior sound and performance while ensuring a cleaner, more refined exhaust note.

Key Features:

  • Resonator and Secondary Catalytic Converter Delete: This resonated midpipe removes the two resonators and two secondary catalytic converters found in the stock midpipe. The primary catalytic converters in the downpipe remain untouched, ensuring no check engine light (CEL) issues.

  • Optimized Sound Quality with Resonator: The stock midpipe utilizes dual pipes along with catalytic converters and resonators to keep the rasp down. While effective in reducing rasp, this setup heavily muffles the car's natural sound. By switching to a single midpipe design and adding a resonator, we eliminate these restrictions while providing an even cleaner tone. The resonator ensures a balanced, aggressive sound without the unwanted rasp or drone.

  • Balanced Aggressiveness: This midpipe is an excellent option for customers concerned about excessive noise. The resonator tames the sound slightly, making it noticeably more aggressive than stock without being overly loud. It’s also a perfect choice for those upgrading their downpipes, as the resonator significantly reduces rasp.

  • Single Pipe Design: The MAD Resonated Single Midpipe enhances exhaust flow and produces the cleanest possible sound. Enjoy a deep midrange tone and an aggressive high RPM sound that stands out without any high-pitch rasp.

  • Lightweight Titanium Construction: Crafted from high-quality titanium, this midpipe offers significant weight savings compared to the stock midpipe, contributing to improved vehicle performance and handling.

Upgrade your BMW M3/M4's exhaust system with the MAD Resonated Single Midpipe Titanium. Experience a perfect blend of refined, aggressive sound and enhanced performance without any compromises.