MAD BMW M5 F90 S63TU Front Mount Silicone Intake

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Expected release date is Aug 17th 2024

Elevate your BMW M5 F90 S63TU's performance and sound with the MAD Front Mount Silicone Intake. This innovative intake system relocates the filters to the front of the car, just behind the grille, ensuring maximum airflow for the turbo and delivering the loudest, most exhilarating sound.

By positioning the filters at the front, the intake benefits from the coolest ambient air, rather than the hot air near the engine compartment. This results in significantly lower intake air temperatures, enhancing overall performance.

Available in 16 different combinations, you can customize your intake with black, white, red, or blue filters and piping to match your style. The MAD Front Mount Silicone Intake is designed to be plug-and-play, with installation taking about an hour using simple tools. No cutting or further modifications are required.


  • Maximum Performance: Optimized airflow for the turbo, delivering the highest performance gains.
  • Enhanced Sound: The loudest intake sound for an exhilarating driving experience.
  • Lower Intake Air Temps: Filters positioned to receive the coolest ambient air, reducing intake temperatures.
  • Customizable Options: 16 combinations with black, white, red, and blue filters and piping.
  • DIY Friendly: Easy installation in about an hour with no cutting or modifications required.
  • Complete Kit: Includes all necessary hardware for a seamless installation.


  • BMW M5 (F90)
  • BMW M8 (F91/F92/F93)

Upgrade your BMW M5 F90 S63TU with the MAD Front Mount Silicone Intake for unparalleled performance, sound, and style.

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