MAD BMW X3M X4M F97 F98 Axle Back Exhaust

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Expected release date is Aug 9th 2024

Introducing the MAD X3M X4M Axle-Back Exhaust System, engineered to elevate the driving experience of your BMW X3M or X4M. Crafted with precision and passion, this exhaust system delivers a thrilling blend of performance, sound, and style.

Designed for seamless compatibility, the MAD X3M X4M Axle-Back Exhaust System can be effortlessly paired with either the MAD Single Midpipe or the factory midpipe, providing you with flexibility and customization options to suit your preferences.

Constructed from high-quality materials and precision-engineered for optimal performance, this exhaust system offers a perfect balance of power and refinement. Experience an enhanced exhaust note that resonates with authority, while enjoying improved exhaust flow for maximum efficiency.

Not only does the MAD X3M X4M Axle-Back Exhaust System enhance the sound and performance of your vehicle, but its sleek and aggressive design also adds a touch of flair to your BMW's rear end, turning heads wherever you go.

Upgrade your driving experience with the MAD X3M X4M Axle-Back Exhaust System and unleash the full potential of your BMW X3M or X4M.

  • Connects to Factory Midpipe (Cutting required) or MAD Single Midpipe (No Cutting required)
  • Maximum gains of +5 HP and +5 lb-ft of torque
  • Pleasingly louder, sportier sound
  • Drone abatement technologies reduce cabin resonance
  • 4.5-inch (114mm) tips
  • Reuses stock exhaust valve actuators, and the operation of exhaust valve is unchanged so the exhaust tone can be adjusted via the M-drive settings
  • Computer-controlled exhaust valves are retained and limit noise during low-speed driving, and open fully during high-load conditions
  • 100% 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Factory-like fitment with included mounting hardware


2019 - 2023 BMW X3M F97
2019 - 2023 BMW X4M F98

Elevate your BMW X3M or X4M's sound with the MAD Axle Back Exhaust and experience the thrill of a true performance vehicle.

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